Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm reading

Just finished Blood Memory by Greg Iles - quite enjoyed it though at 700+ pages it left me exhausted. Based in New Orleans and Natchez, Miss., plot runs similar to Thomas Harris' Red Dragon, pretty grim at times with a very sensitive subject matter.

And Jarhead by Anthony Swofford - disappointing read. Good thing I got it cheap off the bargain bin. It is whiny with lots of vulgar language and irrelevant little stories with scant few details on the Gulf War itself. Maybe I had expected Blackhawk Down.

3/4s way through David Ambrose's Coincidence. Entertaining, fast paced story reminds me of Howard Roughan's Up and Comer and David Fincher's The Game (with Michael Douglas and Sean Penn)

Next up -

  • John Abrahams' Their Wildest Dream's
  • Lee Child's One Shot
  • Mark Billingham's Lazybones


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