Sunday, June 18, 2006

I hear voices

Finished Tony Robbin's Power to Shape Your Destiny programme; 6 CDs + a 7th Bonus CD that covers practical application of what you've learnt. Great, life altering stuff though some parts were a wee too long and could've been halved without losing the core message. Defintely deserves repeat listening - least now I can skip the boring bits and focus on the areas I need coaching on! And having all these on an Ipod Nano just makes it easy.

Of course I'm keeping a journal the old fashioned way - on hardcopy - and getting the missus involved. No point getting all stoked the first few weeks only to revert back to your old self by end of the month. Something a friend said about a new broom ..!

Next up Zig Ziglar's Success for Dummies and See You at The Top. I was introduced to Mr. Ziglar's material years ago (we're looking 10 yrs or so) through a Direct marketing group I was a member of. It was a tape they loaned me called Even Eagles Need a Push and if memory serves, the first time I had a listen I ended up sitting in my car until I had finished the tape. I left the direct marketing business - wasn't my idea of a part time job no matter how lucrative it was made out to be - but I never quite forgot Zig Ziglar.

Fast forward a decade later I'm revisiting the man via my Nano.

For those interested I recommend a visit to Zig Ziglar's website and check out his programmes, his books. A wee pricey but heck he's up there with the likes of Covey, Robbins, Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie. Worth it.


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